About Us


Over 30 years roofing industry experience! As “CERTAINTEED SELECT SHINGLEMASTERS” our staff and installers are required to adhere to the strictest educational and installation standards. There is simply no substitute for years of roofing system knowledge built on a foundation of repair expertise and system rebuilds. We are in the top 1% of accredited roofing contractors due to our strict quality control and continuous education for our team.


We are a family owned and operated company.  The Harris family has two small children and believes in community networking and relationships in order for a small business to thrive and be successful.  Our word is our bond!  We will NOT try and SELL you on buying a new roofing system unless you absolutely need one.  We will always look for repairs that can, and will, provide a longer life-span for your current roofing system.  Sometimes roofing systems just need to be replaced.  Many times however, systems are still intact and need some sort of tweek or minor system changes in ventilation or flashing details.  Lifeline guarantees to provide you with honest and professional feedback!  Lifeline Roofing Systems takes great pride in providing you a roof system consultation, and/or services, as if you are part of our own family.


You will always be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect by all employed by Lifeline Roofing Systems.  Our combined roofing industry experience has provided us with upper-level management experiences in installation, sales, and the product manufacturing process.  We take these experiences and promise to provide you efficient professional service.  Our goal is to get a positive recommendation from you and your family.


You know what they say, “You get what you pay for.”  We respect that a roof replacement is a large investment.  As a top 1% nationally accredited roofing contractor with CertainTeed,  Lifeline Roofing Systems guarantees to use only the finest materials and installation practices in all of the work we perform that includes:

  1. Hand-Nailed Roofing System option to provide accurate placement and drive depth of EVERY fastener in your system.
  2. Ventilation Systems designed for your roof system based on in-depth attic inspections.
  3. Pipe Flashing plans to insure attic protection around the flashing protrusions best suited to your roof environment.
  4. Ice and Water Shield along all penetrations and valleys for improved protection.

Professional project management on-site before, during, and after the installation of your new roof system to guarantee quality installation and protection of your exterior.

In essence, these are only a few of the details that Lifeline provides as standard practice at very reasonable costs. We do not strive to be the highest or lowest price…. We strive to put on perfect roofing systems, and provide a Lifeline for the needs of your most important investment…. YOUR HOME!

OFFICE:  936-701-2242/ BLU HARRIS, Owner MOBILE:  936-648-9842